Lifestyle Consulting & Coaching

Lifestyle Consulting & Coaching


Everyone and everything is unique, 100% customizable coaching provided via skype or phone.

This service costs $175/hr, simply adjust the QTY to determine the number of hours you want to purchase, then add this item to your cart and Seth will contact you directly.

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Work one-on-one with Seth to help find your purpose in life and develop a plan to to achieve it. 

Custom coaching, workouts, nutritional plans, and/or yoga classes provided via email, skype or phone. 

Don’t let life randomly kick you into a person you don’t want to become! 

Take control of your destiny. YOU ARE MEANT FOR GREAT THINGS!! 

Stop letting your goals get sidetracked by fear or laziness! Stop making excuses and start living the life you are entitled to! 

Turn your passions into energy and use it to fuel you to achieve greatness! NOW is a perfect time to start doing whatever your heart desires. 

Let Seth help you develop a plan and stay on course to manifesting and creating the life you are meant to live!