The purpose of RebelLion Yoga is to expose the entire world to the core essence of what yoga really is, inspiring each and every being to discover their soul's purpose and live an authentic life, thus unleashing the greatness that is inside each and every one of us!

RebelLion Yoga teaches us to rebel against the limitations, doubts and fear that society and dogma has layered on us allowing us to live to our unlimited potential; ultimately leaving the world a better place in the process. 

About Seth - Founder of RebelLion

The most important thing to Seth is ensuring that everyone he encounters feels better about themselves inside and out after meeting him and that the live to their full potential, in vibrant health of mind, body and spirit. 


The RebelLion Workshop is a unique, life-changing workshop that combines yoga with goal setting and most importantly developing an outline and plan to achieve those goals. The experience focuses on utilizing all 8 limbs of yoga to create, envision, and manifest success.


Join us as we travel the globe to amazing destinations to practice yoga, experience new cultures, and experience all that life has to offer. RebelLion Retreats are equal parts vacation, yoga practice, vision creating, goal setting and most importantly giving back to the local communities we visit.  

Let Seth help you develop a plan and stay on course to manifesting and creating the life you are meant to live. Seth’s unique style of yoga-inspired coaching will will help you renew and align with your authentic identity and build your self-esteem!  Custom coaching, consulting, programing and yoga classes provided via email, skype or phone. Stop letting your goals get sidetracked by fear or laziness! Stop making excuses and start living the life you are entitled to!